Reviewer Information

Signing Up to Review

If you are interested in signing up to be a reviewer for YURJ, please fill out this form. Reviewers must be Yale-affiliates and specialize in a particular field of research. Our publication cycle is biannual, and review takes place largely during July and January. Reviewers are assigned no more than two articles to read and evaluate via a google form. 

Information for Current Reviewers

Please confirm your article assignments, once you receive them, here
Find the review form (which contains the information below) here
Review will be double-blind: you should not know whose work you are reviewing and the author will not know your name. If you think you know the author personally or have a conflict of interest, please notify and we will reassign the submission.
If you, for any other reason, feel unqualified or unable to review the work you have been assigned, please promptly notify If this is the case, please recommend someone else to review the work if possible. That being said, please do your best to review the article we assigned to you even if the paper falls outside of your own research interests.
YURJ will have an online and a print edition. While we have a severe limitation on the number that we can fit into a print journal based on our budget and production logistics, we plan publish as many as meet our standards online (including the print articles). This allows maximum inclusivity and access. 
The basic standard for publication is that the research communicates a valuable or interesting contribution to its field and includes strong enough evidence and analysis to convince an informed reader. This holds for review articles, standard research, and all other submissions. Your feedback and evaluation will be synthesized by the editorial team to make decisions about what is included in the journal and provide constructive feedback to the authors. 
Articles vary in length, but most are 3000-5000 words. A few exceed this limit–these articles will only be considered for online publication. For articles from 3000-5000 words, please be conscious of the limitations imposed by the word count on the level of detail the author could include. There is also a wide variety of research-related submissions–some with rather atypical formats done for specific course assignments. Please do your best to meaningfully evaluate and provide helpful insight regardless of the format.
Again, if you have any questions, do not hesistate to reach out to our editorial team at