Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to the Yale Undergraduate Research Journal! We hope this will serve as an invaluable opportunity to receive high-quality feedback on your work from graduate students and professors in your field. We look forward to reading your exceptional scholarship. 


We have three simple eligibility requirements. 

  1. You have been a Yale undergraduate student within the last year. 
  2. You conducted research as a Yale undergraduate, whether during the year or over the summer. 
  3. If you performed this research as part of a group or class, your principal investigator, advisor, or professor approves of your work and its publication in YURJ.


If you meet all these requirements and would like your research to be featured in the journal, see the specific tabs for Humanities, Social Sciences, or STEM submissions for more information and the submission form. Submissions are currently open! The deadline to submit is December 23 for our spring 2021 issue.