• Can I submit to YURJ if my research is still ongoing?
    Yes, YURJ will consider research articles, even if they are still ongoing, as long as they meet the requirements described above.

  • Can I submit to YURJ and other journals?
    If the research has been previously published or submitted elsewhere, it cannot be submitted to the Yale Undergraduate Research Journal. However, it is fine to submit work to other journals after publication in YURJ (not while it is still under review).

  • I cannot condense my work to 3000 words. Will it still be considered? 
    Please note this in the submission form and we will ask reviewers to consider ways to condense the piece. 

  • Am I allowed to submit an article to YURJ if it utilizes data from a collective research project, rather than my own data?
    Express approval must be granted by the Principal Investigator of said group for this data to be published. We strongly encourage all students to speak to their PIs before submitting their work.

  • Can I submit to YURJ if my research was not conducted on Yale’s campus?

  • Can I submit research papers written for a class?

  • Can I submit my senior thesis?

  • Can I submit multiple articles for consideration at a time or within the same application cycle?
    Yes, you may submit as many articles as you would like. However, we will only publish at most one article in the print journal per person per issue. 

  • Am I required to submit a headshot or be interviewed for Symposia?
    No, these are all optional supplements to your work if your article is accepted for publication. 

Please reach out via the contact us page or by emailing yura@yale.edu with the subject line “YURJ Submission Question” with any additional questions!