General Submission Guidelines

Our submission guidelines are designed to make it easy for you to submit your work and us to format it online and in the journal. If you’ve written up your project for a class or your thesis, submitting should be a breeze! 

Submissions are due June 1st, but we are happy to give extensions in extenuating circumstances, especially given the current situation. Reach out to with such requests. 

Main Text

  • The main text of your submission should be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman and range from 1500 to 3000 words. This word count does not include the abstract, captions, or title. If your work is significantly longer than this, please submit an edited/abridged version. If accepted, the longer version can be published online. 

  • The main text may include sections with bolded section titles to aid navigation, but this is not required.

  • All figures and tables and corresponding captions and citations should be removed from the main text prior to submission and submitted as separate files (see File Format).

File Format

  • Please submit your file as a .doc or .docx.

  • Submissions should be double-spaced and written in formal English.

  • Any figures should be submitted as separate files in the form of .jpg/jpeg, .pdf, or .png.

  • Corresponding captions and citations should also be submitted in a separate .doc or .docx file; make sure to explicitly label each caption with its corresponding figure or table name.


  • Titles must be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font and fit on two lines in print (approximately 75 characters).

  • Subtitles are allowed if the title and subtitle together fit on two lines.


  • Please include an abstract of between 100-150 words at the beginning of your submission. This is not counted in the word count for the main text. 

Figures and Tables

  • As stated in the File Format section, all figures and tables (and corresponding captions and citations) should be submitted as separate files.

  • The YURJ standard for figures and tables is as follows:

    • Always caption figures BELOW image: “Figure 1. Caption….” 

    • Always title any tables ABOVE table: “Table 1. Title”


  • You may submit your paper without alteration to the in-text citations or References/Works Cited/Bibliography section. Endnotes with in-text superscript bracketed numerical citations are encouraged. 

  • Papers formatted in Chicago Style are asked to copy/paste footnotes into a separate section of the Google Form submission. Footnotes will be converted to endnotes.

PI/Supervising Professor Approval

  • Prior to submission, please receive approval from your lab’s Principal Investigator to publish your work with YURJ if this work was done in a group.

  • Prior to submission, please receive approval from your professor to publish your work with YURJ if your submission is a paper written for a course.

  • If the entirety of your submission is original (meaning not written as part of a class assignment AND all included data was gathered by and rightfully belongs to you), there is no need to obtain approval from a faculty member.

Author Profile (Optional)

  • After your piece is accepted for submission, you may submit a headshot to accompany your published article in print with a short biographical blurb, 50-100 words.

  • Symposia, YURJ’s online blog, will reach out for optional interviews with all final accepted authors to accompany each YURJ print edition as an online supplement.