Humanities and Social Sciences Submissions

Considerations for Humanities Research

According to Yale College, study of the humanities cultivates an appreciation of the past and enriches our capacity to participate in the life of our times. These subjects explore how we chronicle and interpret the expression of human experience. By engaging other cultures and civilizations, both ancient and modern, we gain insight into the experiences of others while also obtaining an opportunity to critically examine our own. Study of these subjects teaches understanding and delight in the highest achievements of humanity. 

Submissions in the humanities will be evaluated, in addition to the ways described in the review process tab, for their contribution to an ongoing dialogue about the human condition. Great works in the humanities seek to raise questions and start new conversations rather than provide firm answers. 

Relevant fields include Classics, History, Linguistics, Language, Literature, Philosophy, History, Religion, and the Arts. 

Considerations for Social Sciences Research

Yale College affirms that the social sciences study human social behavior and networks using a variety of methodologies and both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The disciplines in the social sciences teach us about who we are as social beings and help us appreciate the perspective of the other as well as the particularities of society. Methods in the social sciences test for connections between the familiar and the foreign, the traditional and the contemporary, the individual and the group, the predicted result and the anomalous outcome. Their theories propose explanations for the entire range of human phenomena. 

Accordingly, work in the social sciences will be evaluated, in addition to the ways described in the review process tab, for its relevance to improving our collective understanding of human society’s past, present, and future. Pieces should thoroughly describe their academic context and relevant theory, whether contradictory, in agreement, or merely adjacent. 

Relevant fields include Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Education, Geography, Law, Linguistics, and Political Science, among others. 

Submission Form

Find the google form to submit your humanities/social sciences submission here. Make sure to have a doc/.docx copy of your work (including an abstract and following the general submission guidelines), individual files for figures, and contact information for your advisor/professor if applicable readily available.