Review Process

Submitted undergraduate research will be reviewed by a team of anonymous undergraduates, graduate students, and professors in closely-related fields. All papers will undergo a first round of blind review and be checked for plagiarism. Reviewers will evaluate work primarily based on impact/contribution, methodology, mechanics/style, and presence of any other major issues. 

For selected papers, editors will send back a review form and description of any revisions that need to be made prior to publication. Authors should expect a prompt notification when the submitted paper has moved to a new stage in the review process. 

Papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submission is encouraged. The final deadline for submissions is June 1st. All authors will be given a decision by July 15th or earlier. Authors will generally be given two weeks to make revisions, unless they are more significant than usual or there are extenuating circumstances. Pieces will be released online starting in August. Top scoring work will be featured in print in the Fall Semester.

For specific formatting and submission guidelines, please refer to our Submissions page.